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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tuberville post-scrimmage comments

Here's all 10 minutes of what Tommy Tuberville had to say after today's scrimmage. I might post some thoughts on today later, but I might just blow it off. I don't understand what benefit they derive from this selective cloak-and-dagger routine. Seems Sabanitis is spreading over to East Alabama. I fully expect Tuberville to begin coloring his hair, get a facelift and start punctuating his sentences with "Aight" any day now. (That's a joke. Get over it you thin-skinned losers).

Opening comments:
It was a good start. We needed some kind of measuring point of where we’re at on both sides and even in kicking game. When you scrimmage for the first time, normally you don’t do that much on either side of the ball, you just look for execution. But we got a lot in on both sides, so we ran it today. There was some good and bad. Probably the thing I’m most disappointed in, we ran out of gas about 75 plays in. We probably ran around 100 plays. We lost our concentration. Few more penalties than we would have hoped, but we didn’t hold anything back on either side. We didn’t play some of the guys that’s been with us longer that much – Sen’Derrick went probably 25 plays, those type of guys – but offensively, we didn’t hold anything back. The quarterbacks looked pretty sharp considering it was the first time in the stadium throwing the ball around. But we ran it about half the time, threw it about half the time. There were some big plays. I thought we caught the ball well. The biggest thing, we ran the ball well after we caught it. That’s something we’re really working hard on, trying to get better at that and making yards after the catch. Defensively, just a bunch of missed assignments. We did miss some tackles. We didn’t tackle as well in the open field, but again, we were kinda gassed by really about three-quarters of the way through and it looked like we were running in mud. But that’s the reason you practice. We haven’t done that much conditioning to this point because we wanted to keep them as fresh as we could going through two-a-days and try not to cramp as many and keep as many out there as we possibly could, so they could learn. Now we’re to the point, we’ll go watch film this afternoon, we’ll make corrections, have walk-throughs tomorrow, we’ll come back and we’ll start conditioning after all the practices, or most of the practices we go through the next week. We’ll either scrimmage Friday night or Saturday of next week. We haven’t made up our mind, depending on how many people we’ve got back. But it was a good day. The running backs, we made some yards running the ball. That was good to see, knowing that we hadn’t done a lot towards the running game because most, half our practices have been non-contact in terms of no shoulder pads. So we’ll pick it up in terms of trying to get ‘em in shape and I think that’s one of the biggest disappointments. We didn’t turn the ball over. We didn’t throw any interceptions. We dropped it on the ground a couple times, but I thought the concentration there was pretty good. Overall, without looking at the film, I thought we were probably a little ahead of schedule, but there’s gonna be some things that we’re gonna really want to correct after we look at them on film in terms of steps and assignments and, you know, mental things that we’ve got to get corrected before we get into three weeks from tonight. Questions.

On the big plays on offense:
We had some good runs. We had one called back. (Philip Pierre-Louis) caught about an 80-yard touchdown pass, but we had too many receivers on the line of scrimmage, illegal receiver downfield. Eric Smith made some big running plays. It was mostly the younger guys that made plays, some of the newer guys that were out there for the first time. I thought our corners did good tackling once they caught the ball. There’s gonna be times that the ball’s gonna be caught in this offense that you’ve just gotta make sure that you don’t get yards after the catch. I thought the young corners, Neiko Thorpe and Hood, did a good job of tackling. We did play Powers some and McFadden some. They looked pretty good, did well, but we wanted to put the pressure on the younger guys that’s gonna obviously have to play because of injury.

Anybody get hurt?
No. Everbody’s in pretty good shape.

On if there are one or two people who helped themselves before he watches the tape:
The thing that you want to do is you want to look at the younger guys that were out there, like Eric Smith, running back. He did well. He did much better than we’d thought, mentally and physically, in the stadium for the first time. As I said, the two young corners, we wanted to put pressure on them and certainly did that today. They had to make some plays. We held out Mario Fannin, we didn’t use him, but when you scrimmage, the big thing obviously is getting it lined up and getting into organizational game mode with officials and the 40-second clock wasn’t any problem. I thought everybody, the officials and the players, did a good job getting the plays in. But the biggest thing you want to do is you want to get the quarterbacks out there and in a rhythm, and I thought they handled it pretty well. There were some times that they coulda done better. But we’re gonna have leadership out of our quarterbacks in terms of how this offense runs. I think today they were just trying to survive, trying to get themselves going (and not) worried about everybody else. But we’ve got to have some confidence out of Kodi and Chris going into the next few weeks of them knowing what they’re doing, what everybody else is doing and getting in a little bit better shape. But we’ll have to wait and see after we look at the film and linemen. The two guys that I saw at linebacker that I was impressed with was Adam Herring, made some good plays, and Spencer Pybus made some good plays. Both young players, Adam being here one year and Spencer here only a few weeks, those two guys are gonna have to play for us down the road and I thought they really did well. We played ‘em against the first-team offense some and they held their own fairly well. They made some mistakes, but physically it’s what we want to look at in the film, not mentally on the younger guys. Are they ready for the speed of the game in which they’re getting ready to get into on this level.

On whether he thinks the offense or defense is ahead at this point:
I thought the offense did better than we have in the past. But again, we’ve probably got more in. Again you say more in, you do fewer things in this offense out of a wider group of formations. It really gives you an opportunity to get mismatches and cause problems with the defense. If you’re looking at probably an advantage, I’d say right now the offense has gameplanned the defense better because the defense is not gameplanning them. They’re gameplanning themselves and trying to play fundamentals and techniques. There was some good on both sides. There’s got to be a lot of improvement in the next seven or eight days because week will be the last scrimmage. As I said, it’ll be Friday night or Saturday. Then we’ll start kinda grouping up and start getting ready for the season.

How is Marcus Jemison?
He’s going to Birmingham Monday. They don’t know. They’re going to evaluate him and see. It’s not his ankle, it’s his leg, so they’ll see if they’ve got to do anything with that. But he’s going to Birmingham Monday, we’ll know further after that. But he wasn’t out there today. We didn’t play Bosley. Anybody else?

Ziemba played. He went every snap.

Clayton played every play.

On Fannin:
He will play next scrimmage. They wanted to look at the younger guys this week and knowing that he was gonna have to go through one scrimmage, they picked next week for him so we held him out.

Antonio Coleman:
Yeah he went every snap. Every snap that the ones were in there and that they wanted him to go. But he’s ready to go. Our punters did good. I thought that’s gonna be a battle there. It’s gonna be a battle to the end between Ryan and Durst. That’ll be an interesting scenario. Wesley won the field goal battle today. He kicked really well. I don’t think he missed – he might have missed one or two, maybe. I get ‘em confused watching them. We look at ‘em more on film than we do out there. But we were concerned a little bit about the 40-second clock, obviously with this offense we’re running. It’s as new for the officials as it is us. But it went pretty smooth. It is different. It’s gonna be different for the fans, it’s gonna be different for everybody. But when it goes to 25 and when it starts at 40, even the officials, you can tell they were thinking today other than reacting, so it’s good that they got work in it and we’ll do the same thing again next week.

There was one time when they got the ball spotted with about 14 seconds to go, but the rule is, and we all found out today, that if they start the 40-second clock – if the ball’s down and the 40-second clock starts – if they don’t have the ball spotted before 20 seconds, they will move it back to 25. You’ve got to have at least 20 seconds and there was one time out there early that they didn’t do that. They kinda stopped and kinda told us the mistake that they had made and what’s gonna happen. So that was a good understanding, because I don’t think we really understood how that would work.


Joshua said...

Hey David I know you're new to the block, but get over it. And don't EVER compare Tubs to Saban.

David Ching said...

read the interview or don't. if you don't like my jokes...well you wouldn't be the first person and you're welcome to go elsewhere...i'm not carrying water for anybody.

Joshua said...

I read it. And I actually like you so if it's okay with you I'm still going to read. But don't complain about a scrimmage being closed. Bush league.

David Ching said...

Maybe you're right. We could go round and round about this all day and neither of us would be entirely wrong. I've got stuff to do, so I'm dropping it. It's Tommy Tuberville's program and he can do whatever he likes. I understand them wanting to scrimmage in privacy and have no problem with that. I'm sure if it wasn't virtually impossible to close practices at the intramural fields, they'd do that too, which would also be fine. Just be consistent about the way you do things.

There are things at Auburn that are very open, which is extremely helpful for reporters, but there are things that are greatly in need of improvement, too. I kind of detect an unfortunate level of distrust on both sides that I don't quite understand. Maybe it's because I'm new, but it seems counterproductive for everybody.

JayTiger said...

David, if they wanted practices to be closed, they'd be on the practice fields and not the intramural fields. And they'll move there and close practices when kickoff gets closer.

Acid Reign said...

.....Oh, heck. It WAS funny! No big deal! Real Saban vs. Tuberville comparison: Saban: 2 wins over Tubervillem Tuberville: 4 wins over Saban.

.....They're going to HAVE to close SOME practices and scrimmages. We Auburn Football addicts hate it, but I NEVER want to see a repeat of the 2003 USC game, where they had our line calls down, and knew which way every play was going...

eaglerob said...

Have the scrimmages always been closed. I think CTT is in a bad mood these days for whatever reason. I know its early but these guys should be in better condition. I know off-season conditioning is different than football conditioning. CTT said in so many words earlier that he didnt want to wear them out before La Monroe....but it seems that a week was wasted. Now CTT says they need more running. Anyway its new to all.

No concrete info about burns or todd...they actually may keep that secret. thx for the info...if you were phillip marshall, you might be privy to more info. But I enjoy the site. Thx for all you do.

Hairy Dawg said...

Get used to it folks, Ching pulled this whiny bitch crap with Georgia fans too.

You're a douche, ching, and i'm glad you got moved to the plains.

Ramon Largo said...

I'm really not sure how alienating your new audience serves your paper or you beat very well.

Of course we are free to go elsewhere.

Is that what you really want?

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys prove his point with every freakin' word... you really ARE thin-skinned losers.

tduga1 said...

I don't get the UGA fans coming over here and throwing Ching under the bus. I thought you (David) did an excellent job covering Georgia.

Auburn fans... just wait until the season starts and you will really appreciate this blog.

David Ching said...

I think some folks are misinterpreting this as me being mad that the scrimmage was closed. I couldn't care less about that. What I care about is 1. being told that coordinators would be available before the scrimmage and then no coordinators are made available. 2. being told quarterbacks would be available and no quarterbacks are available. 3. not finding out about that until after the four players they brought for interviews have left the room.

i'm not somebody who complains like this normally. maybe i shouldn't have done that to begin with. but i felt like it was extremely inconsiderate. i realize everyone loves to kick the media, but if they'd take off their orange and blue glasses and put themselves in our shoes, they'd realize that's no way to do people. that's the end of my soapboxing on this issue.

James Evans, AU '93 said...

You sound exactly like somebody who DOES normally complain like this. Insulting your potential readers and their school is definitely not getting off on the right foot. I hope this is not indicative of what you consider to be good journalism.

Jaiden said...

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I enjoyed the column. Look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Jeez. Dude went to Auburn, and is providing you a free blog full of extra material, likely at the expense of his personal free time, and well above and beyond his job requirements, and all a number of guys can do is complain? Nice. We'd gladly take him back on the UGA beat.

Anonymous said...

You can have him back then. Way to piss off your new readers asshole.