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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tuberville Sunday highlights

Here's the first part of what Tommy Tuberville had to say, followed by some highlights from the other questions and answers after his opening statement.

We didn’t perform real good in most of our scrimmage yesterday. We kinda ran out of gas. We lost our concentration, we made a lot of mental mistakes. I figured that before we watched the film, but I wanted to wait and see. Effort look like we tried to be good. It looked like we were running with leg weights on, but there were some good things. We made some plays.

I thought defensively we stepped up about the middle of practice. We played well on defense and then we just lost our concentration and guys kinda, we went through wrong gaps, we didn’t use our hands, we didn’t get off blocks and we didn’t tackle well. We’ve gotta get a lot better on defense. Actually the bright spot, I thought, was our defensive backs. I thought they covered well, broke on the ball. Mike Slade, probably the best scrimmage he’s had, really played well. Really proud of him. D’Antoine Hood stepped up and looked like he’d been out there for a while and even Neiko Thorpe, both those guys are really making some progress. Harry Adams, hit and miss, a little bit. He will play, and made an interception, but technique-wise he’s got a ways to go. But I like his effort. Our front and our linebackers, we didn’t play near as well as we did the week before.

Offensively, I thought we made some plays. Guys catching the ball and getting 10 to 15 yards down the field. We’re learning to run north and south after the catch. Our offensive line came off the ball well for about the first 25, 30 plays and after that we didn’t do very well. We lost our concentration, we missed blocks and defense threw a couple more different blitzes at them that I thought they adjusted well, but it took a while. We’re gonna have to do a little bit better, offensive line, to make adjustments and be able to figure things out a bit quicker. Both quarterbacks did well. We threw the long ball pretty good, a little bit better than we have. Threw some good corner routes. I thought we caught the ball better other than a couple guys. We had about five drops early on crucial down-and-distance situations that could have been a lot better. We’ve got to catch the ball a lot more consistently.

Kicking game was a little sporadic in terms of punting. Both punters I thought did a good job after they got the jitters. It looks like sometimes we go in that stadium and we look real good out here in all areas and then we go in the stadium and change our tempo for some reason. We tighten up, so we’ve gotta get out of that scenario.

(Jomarcus) Savage will have an MRI tomorrow. His shoulder is a little sore, but they’ll check it and a couple more guys that they’ll look at. But really nothing that we’re concerned about other than Savage. But today we did a lot of team stuff full-speed except for tackling. I thought we got better. We came back in the right frame of mind. Guys did a good job of working on their mistakes that they made. That’s really the last time that we’ll go against each other in practice that much for a while. Tuesday we’ll start in the morning about 9:30 and start scout teaming and start working a little bit more on situation stuff and won’t work against each other as much.

Other Tuberville highlights:
* He said they should make decisions on who will or won’t play tomorrow.
* Chaz Ramsey attended practice today, but isn’t ready to practice yet. They aren’t expecting him back especially soon. Same with Andre Wadley today.
* He said Brad Lester and Tristan Davis will be back at practice Tuesday.
* Mario Fannin practiced full-speed today.
* Tuberville on Reggie Hunt’s situation with the Clearinghouse: “Surely they’ll let us know in the next couple days.”
* Brent Slusher has medical “issues.” Plural. Tuberville is hoping he’ll be back and cleared to practice soon.
* Ryan Williams is eligible to play, on one condition. “If he gets out of my doghouse, he will be. He’s in the doghouse. He’s doing good out there, though. We’d love for him to step up and do well for us because that’s an area where we’re not abundant in depth and experience. Course he doesn’t have much either, but he’s got to get out of my doghouse."
* There are “a couple more” in the doghouse, as well, although he wouldn’t specify who. “They’re scratching at the door,” he said.

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