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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Post-scrimmage player quotes

Here are some quotes I didn't use for my two stories tomorrow.

Jerraud Powers, on the play of D'Antoine Hood and Neiko Thorpe in the scrimmage:
"They played a lot more than us. The main thing about them is we know they’re not gonna get everything right with the scheme and everything we’re trying to do. It’s just we want to see them compete. That’s the main thing I want to see. I think that’s what coach Rhoads wants to see, them just competing and them out there trying."

Powers on the play of the starting defense:
"I think we did pretty good from a first-team standpoint, but there’s still gonna be a lot of stuff we need to work on."

Brad Lester, on the play of the offense:
"It’s just not a one-week thing. This took the whole year to get ready for and we’re looking great right now."

Lester on Quindarius Carr:
"I’m real impressed with him. He’s very quick. He has great hands and he has the ability to get up the field. He’s one of the ones that had a long reception today and he looks real good. We’re gonna need him this year."

Sen'Derrick Marks on whether he feels like a coach on the sideline when he barely participates in the scrimmage so the young guys can play (I like him so far. Seems like a good dude):
"I can’t be a coach when I ain’t that good myself. ... You try to lead them and let them know what you know. If you say that’s like coaching, then you can say it. But other than that, I don’t think so."

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