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Friday, August 15, 2008

Morning post-practice

I've especially started thinking in the last couple days about how it seems like many of Auburn's special teams battles are still up in the air. It was a good day for Eddie Gran to come in and talk to the beat writers this afternoon, after Auburn's morning workout. They'll practice again later this afternoon -- the last two-a-day of preseason -- and we'll talk to Tommy Tuberville.

It sounds like tomorrow's scrimmage might help in some regard, but I don't know that Gran, Auburn's special teams coordinator, thinks it will decide things in every race.

P -- They give off the impression that the closest race is between Ryan Shoemaker and Clinton Durst at punter. Several times one of the coaches has made that comment.

K -- It sounds like Wes Byrum's got the lead on Morgan Hull

PR -- I think Gran would probably use Robert Dunn first, but he said he's been pleased with Philip Pierre-Louis and Chris Slaughter there as well. Watching those guys return punts in practice has been fun, especially when they find their hole and get to accelerate.

KOR -- First guy Gran mentioned was Tristan Davis. In no particular order, I believe the other names he mentioned were Ben Tate, James Swinton and Pierre-Louis.

Obviously not a big news day. Here are some good examples of just how not newsy it has been thus far:

Pierre-Louis came and spoke to the pack after practice. He sort of settled the beat writers' debate about how to pronounce his last name, but not really. He said his dad says it Pierre-Lou-wee. Philip said he usually says Pierre-Lou-Iss. He said we should probably go with Lou-wee like his dad says it. I think I'll just call him Philip. I guess I was kinda rambling there. These are the things you really need to know.

Someone asked Philip, a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., native if it has been difficult adjusting to life in Auburn. I believe he said it took some getting used to. I asked him if he'd ever seen a cow. Seemed like a perfectly legitimate question. He assured me that they do have cows in South Florida. Dang. That's not the way I pictured Fort Lauderdale at all.

We'll have some stuff from Tommy Tuberville later. Might have some injury rundown to discuss entering the scrimmage. Back later...


Brandon said...

Who's Tommy T.? Trott or Tuberville?

Peter Frankenshmidt said...

check out the "street view" on google maps for 3631 NW 107th Avenue in Miami. There are definitely cows in that field.

A little closer to his school (about 13 miles according to google), there's an area south of Weston called Sunshine Ranches that looks like it's straight out of Alabama or Georgia (well, kind of. There are a lot of multi-million dollar homes right that make up the area). I have no confirmed cow sightings, but I know there's a lot of horses around there.

South Florida's funny. It's super densely populated close to the beach, but just a few miles inland, there can be farmland right next to a huge developed community.

David Ching said...

Tuberville. The way they typically do things on two-a-day days is the players and assistants are available after the first practice and only Tuberville after the second one. They should be starting practice two here any minute.