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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lunchtime links: Thursday edition (9/3)

After a quick follow-the-blog-on-Twitter plug, let's get to the links ...
  • Andrew P. Gribble of the Opelika-Auburn News asked 12 questions about Auburn football leading into the season. Here, he answers them.
  • On the Alabama front, the NCAA reinstated WR Julio Jones and RB Mark Ingram after they made a repayment for a spring fishing trip with an Athens, Ga., resident. That's certainly a huge boost for the Crimson Tide as it heads into Saturday's Georgia Dome showdown with Virginia Tech. Busy time on the Alabama beat this week. I'm not envious.
  • The pre-game hand shake was an issue at Georgia yesterday after Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy, who is now 42, took a strong stance against the issue earlier this week. The issue? He's afraid both teams get a little too amped in the pre-game to be able to cordially meet and shake hands. My question: why not just do it after the game like every other sport? And quite honestly, this seems like a pretty hollow gesture considering both teams will try to beat the holy heck out of each other for the three hours immediately after the hand shake.
  • ESPN.com's Pat Forde is required reading every week. In his Forde Yard Dash this week, he lists some fictional tweets from head coaches. Although the best was an actual tweet posted by Ball State's offensive line coach Jason Eck: "Players off today ... unlike Michigan."
  • Want a graph to show the drop-off in quarterback experience in the SEC once you get past Tim Tebow and Jevan Snead? Low provides that too. My favorite column is how quickly the TD column drops off. 67 ... 28 ... 9.
  • And finally, The Onion, which was proudly founded where I went to college in Madison, Wis., chimes on Notre Dame with a new Rudy-like character: "Small, Unathletic Walk-On Injures 9 Starters In Notre Dame Football Practice." (It also has a fake headline scroll at the top that says, "Rich Rodriguez: 'I Think It's Obvious That Michigan Football Does Not Practice That Much.'" Great stuff.)


Anonymous said...

When you say "color us skeptical", who is "us"?

Anonymous said...

is Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy also still a man?

Anonymous said...

in the first comment I meant "call us skeptical" .............

Andy Bitter said...

Just a way of referring to the blog. By us, I mean me.

And yes, at age 42, I believe Gundy is still a man.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing out that "us" means "me". "We", meaning everyone who reads the blog, disagree.