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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chizik wants tailbacks to shoulder rushing load

Full day at the Auburn athletic complex today. We'll have blog posts throughout, so check back. In the meantime, here is today's newspaper story on the Tigers' running game and what Gene Chizik would like it to look like:
AUBURN, Ala. — Two weeks into the season, Auburn has the SEC’s second leading rusher.

That it’s quarterback Cam Newton pleases head coach Gene Chizik less than you’d think.

“I don’t prefer it to be that way at all,” Chizik said. “I prefer at Auburn right now for the tailbacks to be our leading rushers.”

It’s not that Auburn’s running game has struggled. The Tigers lead the SEC with 557 rushing yards, a number that ranks ninth nationally.

Newton, a dual threat, has run for 241 yards, trailing only Tennessee tailback Tauren Poole in the SEC.

That’s the disconcerting part to the head coach. Auburn has yet to have a running back eclipse the 100-yard mark in a game. Although not entirely by design, Newton leads the team with 33 rushes, opening himself up to punishing hits.

“We’re talking to him about that and just being smart,” Chizik said. “It’s a fine line. What you don’t want to do is take away play-making ability from guys that just have it.”
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Tar Heel Tiger said...

"Chizik wants tailbacks to shoulder rushing load"

Then here's an idea. Put Trotter at QB and Newton at TB ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah honestly I'm kinda excited to see Trotter unveiled in the future. He seems sorta Colt McCoy-ish to me. Does he have a Jordan Shipley?

MikeP said...

This one is easy: Give the ball to Mike Dyer around 15 times a game and O-Mac another 12 and we'll have the tailbacks leading the team in rushing.
By doing that, Fannin will be back at H-back full-time, a position from which he can actually help the team.

Chris P. said...

Well said Mike. I hope Coach Luper doesn't try to stick with Fannin as the #1 guy out of pride, although I don't see that happening with this staff and team. I look forward to seeing Mike Dyer's career unfold at AU!