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Thursday, September 2, 2010

In case you missed it, a live chat replay

All we have are the embers ... wait, that's another blog's line. All we have is a chat replay.

Went for a solid 71 minutes today with an endless stream of questions, the best participation yet for one of these things. Thanks to all for joining and I apologize if I didn't get to your question. I'll try the next time.

Speaking of which, I'll be doing these on Thursdays throughout the season. (Except next week, which will probably be on Wednesday.) The 3 p.m. ET/2 p.m. CT time slot seems to work pretty well, so we'll aim for that in the future.


AUSnap said...

Question: A.B., how did you become such a B.A.?
Comment: Seriously, thanks for all your hard work, and I'm sure there are many more AU fans like me that appreciate your dedication to providing the most comprehensive Auburn coverage on the beat.
Question #2: It's a little broad but, how do you see the game unfolding this weekend? More particularly, what do you expect to see from the younger guys, e.g., Newton, Dyer, Kitchens, etc.?
Thanks again and War Eagle!

1849sf said...

I have an appointment with my urologist at 2 p.m. so I won't be able to make you're Online Chat.

(For those of you who are Believers, please put me on your church's prayer list. I've been having prostate problems and my wife Eunice finally convinced me to see the doctor).

At any rate, Mr. Andrew, I was wondering what you thought of the job that Dr. Jacobs and President Gouge have done in bringing Coach Chizik and Coach Barby in to the Auburn Family. There was a lot of skepticism initially, but i have to imagine the Results have silenced those people. Thanks for all the hard work you do!

Tar Heel Tiger said...

this isn't going to be a video chat where you can see me sitting here eating my Alpha-Bits, is it?

Tar Heel Tiger said...

Enjoyed it, AB. Thanks so much for hosting and for providing superlative coverage of AU sports.


Anonymous said...

You're comment about what it's like to cover the games was right on. I covered games as a student for 3 years at AU mostly on the sidelines, but the times I hit the press box I stuffed my face. Cookies, ice cream,.... I always felt sorry for the photogs who only got Bryan hot dogs and Golden Flake potato chips in the locker room press area!! The Press Box at AU is probably the best place to watch the game from save the luxury boxes. Restraining yourself from cheering was the downside. Needless to say I got called out for that several times.

Aubie said...

So this must be the SHABOTN?

Andy Bitter said...

I'm worried about what that "S" stands for?

Aubie said...


Anonymous said...

You provide the BEST coverage of Auburn Football of all the beat writers.

Thank you for your dedication,

from another former Badger,