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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Live blogging Gene Chizik's press conference

Gene Chizik has spoken. Here's what he said:
  • "Good to have an early game. First early game we've played. ... We've got to get better as a football team. That's our focus this week. We're really worried about ourselves."
  • On dealing with rising expectations: "I hope nobody's expectations are greater than our own. I really believe that every week is never about an opponent necessarily, it's about Auburn. ... We've just got to go back to work."
  • "It's a good feeling to be 4-0. It certainly beats the alternative. But we still haven't put together a game that we can be proud of top to bottom."
  • "I think we're better each game at certain things, but something pops up that we're not better at." Said it goes back to consistency message he's preached since Day 1.
  • Wouldn't say the issues are frustrating. "The little details of the things that we're doing are what need to be fixed."
  • First Louisiana Monroe question. The Warhawks spread teams out offensively. Gave Arkansas some trouble in the opener. Defensively, they use a three-man front. It's a different look. "But it won't be about Louisiana Monroe. It'll be about Auburn."
  • "Turnovers are an enigma to me." Said some are forced, some are put in your lap by the offense. "I don't know why, but sometimes they come in bunches and sometimes they don't come for a long time."
  • Brought up the fumbles. Had three, lost two. "That's unacceptable."
  • Quarterback Cam Newton is starting to get a lot of attention. "I think Cameron is going to handle it well because he understands the importance of winning games." Chizik stressed the team aspect. If the team is successful, everyone gets considered for awards. Doesn't think it'll be a distraction for Newton. Said he's very "grounded."
  • Chizik not getting ahead of himself. Wouldn't even say he would like to get Barrett Trotter some snaps. "We expect this to go down to the end."
  • Philip Lutzenkirchen played some more out of the "3" position, which does H-back things, rather than tight end. "The great thing about Philip is he's kind of a dual guy. I think he's becoming a more confident football player as we go forward."
  • On if he has a feel for this team after four games: "I feel like if we become a better team for four quarters, we'll have a better chance to win more games."
  • "I know our football team is going to fight. I know they're all in to the end." He must get royalties for saying, "All in." I think Poker Stars is a sponsor.
  • Thought the team did a good job getting more physical last week after he challenged them. "There's a lot to our guys. And when you challenge them, I think they respond." Added, "But that's got to be a way of life. That's who you have to be all year long."
  • Said the interior line guys are playing well. "I think we've got a chance up front there to be a good defensive line."
And that's a wrap. We'll have more later.


AUsome mom said...

Good info Andy. Thanks so much for the great job you do in bringing us the latest Tiger news. I do have a question. I was at the game on Saturday and went to Tiger Walk also. I saw a ton of recruits (or what looked like recuits) there. Any news on thoughts or comments they had about their visits?

Tar Heel Tiger said...

Great report, AB. Thanks.