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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Live blogging Gene Chizik's teleconference

And we're underway:
  • "I saw a team that's very resilient and they fight and they keep pressing on and they find a way to win. But I also see so many glaring things that don't allow us to be a great team right now."
  • Saw a different physical level of play out of both of his lines.
  • Cam Newton for Heisman? "His numbers certainly grab peoples' attention. I don't know where they'll got with that, but he's done real well. The people that make that decision won't be me. But he's done real well."
  • Thought Brandon Mosley did OK. "He helped us win that football game."
  • Thought Nosa Eguae made some "young-guy mistakes," but did fine for himself.
  • Will continue to evaluate across the board for starting jobs.
  • There was a Philip Lutzenkirchen sighting this week. Chizik said there was a concerted effort to spread the ball around. "I think he's earned that right."
  • Credited his coaches for making halftime adjustments.
  • On the pass rush: "I think we're getting better at it. We're trying to get better at a four-man rush. We don't feel like we have to blitz to get to the quarterback."
  • Still thinks the line has to work on containing the QB. Puts too much pressure on secondary.
  • Would prefer Newton doesn't take a lot of big shot in the game. But Chizik thinks Newton is getting better at limiting those shots.
  • Zone read has been successful: Chizik says it's so hard to defend because Auburn runs it out of so many different formations. "The one way you see it one week might not be the way you see it another week."
  • Demetruce McNeal had four solo tackles on special teams. "He's a guy who definitely stood out making plays."
  • Doesn't sound like he'll play much safety this year. "We'll wean him in."
  • Chizik doesn't want any letdown with Louisiana-Monroe coming up. "I worry about every week."
  • Gave Jay Wisner credit for throwing a block that sprung Emory Blake for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. "That was a great job of both of those guys."
  • This year's team different than last year's? "I don't know. One of the things that stands out to me is on the sidelines, you don't see the panic. You don't see the body language change."
  • Didn't think about challenging Zac Etheridge's near interception early in the game. Nobody upstairs indicated that was something to do.
  • Chizik was a press box guy when he was a defensive coordinator. Said he's probably still be up there today.
  • Said not to read anything into Mario Fannin not getting a carry after his fumble. Said other backs were in a rhythm at that point.
  • Doesn't know if Fannin's shoulder contributes to his fumbling problems. "Mario isn't the only person who's fumbled the last few weeks."
  • Proud of RB Mike Dyer. Kept his pad level low. Got 23 carries to run. "I think you've got to get tailbacks into those grooves to get that feeling."
  • Singled out DTs Mike Blanc and Zach Clayton as standing out. Said Clayton was "unheralded" but a key component of the defense.
  • Pushed pace in third quarter. "It's the ability to be able to do it when you need to do it." Said signals from defense tell you to push the pass: lots of subs, defense looking tired, multiple first downs in a row.
  • Missing link to offense had been the 10-play drives. Glad to get some of those last night.
And that's a wrap. Back with more later.

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