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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SEC teleconference: Gene Chizik trying to keep freshman running back Mike Dyer humble

Freshman running back Mike Dyer seems like a humble guy. Auburn coach Gene Chizik is trying to keep him that way.

Chizik said during today's SEC teleconference that he talks to all his players about staying humble, especially the freshmen.

"You hope that within each guy you recruit there's a certain level of humbleness to them to start with," he said. "But I think when they come in and they see the lay of the land with the older guys, and early on they're trying to kind of find their role, I think they are humbled to a certain extent anyways."

Dyer, who joined Auburn as a five-star recruit ESPN had as the No. 1 back in the country, has had immediate success, running for 143 yards in two games. Chizik, like he did after Onterio McCalebb's fast start last year, has tried to slow play the freshman, choosing any praise wisely when speaking to the media.

"You've just got to keep them on the right path and keep talking to them about staying focused on your job, what it is that you're supposed to do to help us win and things of that nature," Chizik said.

"We try to talk to our guys all the time about outside distractions and reading this and reading that and all the evils that come with that, just trying to stay focused on the task at hand."

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said Gamecocks freshman running back Marcus Lattimore's style reminds him of Emmitt Smith.

Chizik, predictably, didn't come up with a comparison for Dyer.

"Michael's unique in his own way," he said. "There's nobody off the the top of my head that I can say that I can compare him to or say he reminds me of right now."

Some other quick hitters from a mostly redundant teleconference:
  • Chizik still won't come out and say LT Lee Ziemba's right knee is fine, even though the senior has said it himself. I'm sure he's got Clemson fooled on this one.
  • Plenty of praise for Clemson and QB Kyle Parker. "This will be our biggest challenge to date."
  • Asked what he's learned about his team after two games, Chizik had this response: "I see a team that I think is going to fight and battle down to the end, regardless of circumstances. ... I think it's a scrappy team. I like the fact that they're willing to keep fighting."


michael said...

"Chizik still won't come out and say LT Lee Ziemba is fine, even though the senior has said it himself. I'm sure he's got Clemson fooled on this one."

Ha! I for one can't wait to see the entire Clemson sideline thrown into confusion when they see Ziemba out on that field.

Andy Bitter said...

I'm sure they'll have to scrap their entire game plan.

rand said...

Glad to see Ziemba is good to go.

AB, let me guess, no news about Stevens? Do you still get the feeling this is a very similar deal to Isom (I believe he's the correct player) being suspended for 2 games last year?

Keep up the great work, I really enjoy your blog.

Andy Bitter said...

Any question about Stevens is quickly dismissed with the same comment Chizik makes about all suspensions. "If he's back he's doing the things we ask" blah blah blah.

I'd imagine if this is a team suspension, Stevens will be back this week. Two games seems like the industry standard.

Chris P. said...

Andy, sarcasm noted. It seems like there is always an answer or two from Chizik that is a little frustrating to the beat writers. Kind of got that sense from your write ups on Malzahn and Roof this week to.

MikeP said...

I like this coaching staff, I really do. I wouldn't trade them for any other in college football but.... they do, one and all, give responses that don't answer the question.

I think that's something we'll all have to learn to live with. I fail to see the harm in saying "Player X is suspended for three games", but whatever, I'm not the head coach.

CrownsCaster said...

To each his own. I really have no problem with it. If anything it confuses the opponent if they don't know. :D