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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Offensive showcase expected when Auburn travels to Mississippi State tonight

I'll be driving to Starkville this afternoon, but here's today's game advance to tide you over.
AUBURN, Ala. — The Auburn players who made the trip to Starkville two years ago have vivid memories of the offensively-challenged 3-2 Tigers victory that became a national punchline, even if they described it in a variety of ways.

“Yeah, a baseball score,” left guard Mike Berry said.

“It was a soccer game, wasn’t it?” left tackle Lee Ziemba said.

“It was a different time and place. It’s obviously not likely to happen again this week.”

That’s a safe bet. Auburn and Mississippi State bring two high-powered offenses into their nationally-televised ESPN matchup tonight, a vast departure from the schools’ tried-and-tested roots.

The sputtering offenses that spelled doom for both Tommy Tuberville and Sylvester Croom in 2008 are long gone. Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn and Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen have the teams on the cutting edge in offensive innovation, part of an SEC-wide movement.
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Chris said...

Great work Andy I check your site daily for the best Auburn related news but I tend to disagree with the popular opinion of a close ball game tonight. If you watch the Mississippi State game it's easy to see that 2 of the TD passes should have been easy INTs. If our defense shows any progression and Etheridge and Savage shake off the rust I believe we will be just fine. Cam will show that last week was no fluke and he is going to be what Terrell Pryor was suppose to become. Our fast paced offense will tire out their D and we will eventually pull away to a 10-17 point vitory. Completely biased opinion but I feel the outcome is around Auburn winning 41-24

Our Family said...

Chris, I hope you are right!! I've been so nervous about this game tonight. I do believe that Auburn will come out on top, but they need to strike early and take the crowd out of the game.

Thanks for all your work Andy, I enjoy reading your blog!