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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Video: Newton's running, GameDay's a coming and getting Bynes a break

Here's a video from today's post-practice interviews. It's got quarterback Cam Newton, linebacker Josh Bynes and defensive coordinator Ted Roof. Enjoy.


Justin said...

The questions asked to Cam, in order: Running, running, running, runningbacks. Haha

Andy Bitter said...

Well, that's the order I edited them in. They weren't sequential.

The Edge said...

What are the odds Dyer becomes the starter this week?

Also, who is the "Cutty" of the Auburn football team?

MikeP said...

What's a Cutty?

IMHO Dyer is already the #1 RB. Whether the coaches start O-mac or Fannin for the sake of appearances is a different question entirely, but Dyer and O-mac, in some combo, will be the RB's out there when it matters.