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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dyer, Lattimore could have been teammates

Here's how today's newspaper story about Mike Dyer and Marcus Lattimore. They almost both signed with Auburn last February. Now they'll face each other on the field this Saturday:
AUBURN, Ala. — The bright orange Auburn hat lingered in Marcus Lattimore’s hands for a good three seconds while two schools’ fan bases held their collective breaths.

It was merely misdirection. The running back phenom from Duncan, S.C., removed a red South Carolina from behind it and placed it atop his head last February.

Friends and family that gathered at his church erupted in cheers as the droning beat of a trance remix blared in the background.

And like that, the running back balance of the SEC was set.

Not for the future. For the present.

Auburn and South Carolina, who will meet Saturday night at Jordan-Hare Stadium, both found the featured backs they needed last signing day. The Gamecocks added Lattimore and the Tigers Mike Dyer out of Little Rock, Ark.
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brian said...

andy,do you think the offense has bogged down due to chizik kind of meddling with it? i know chizik has been talking run run run lately,do you think he is cramping gus or cam?just wondering...

MikeP said...

The offense has bogged down because:
A)That was the best way to win the MSU game.

B)Newton's problems with the short passing game have yet to be resolved, so we can't call many of those plays.

C)Clemson is the best team we've beaten since Coach Chizik took over. Their defense had something to do with it.

Aside, head coaches get paid to oversee the offense, defense, kicking game, recruiting and all other matters. If they aren't "meddling" daily they aren't doing their job.

Andy Bitter said...

I don't think Gene was meddling. I think Gus' offense, like all offenses, is prone to stalling for large stretches. And when Gus' system does it, it looks really bad, because the three-and-outs are so quick.

Also, I agree with MikeP's points.