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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Video: Nixing blue pants rumors, blocking to a fanatical finish and getting geared for GameDay

Here's a new video from tonight's round of interviews. It's got head coach Gene Chizik, defensive line coach Tracy Rocker, offensive line coach Jeff Grimes and wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love Trooper Taylor, never looks you dead in the eye , but you always know he is dead serious . AU has a great mix of coaches and the continuity of coaching seems to be more important than ever. WDE

Ryan said...

Will you wear the traditional uniforms?

GC: "Oh yes...no doubt"....{under his breath}...."during warmups."

Anonymous said...

I've been told it's going to be navy blue helmets. i actually have a picture of it and have been told they are in the locker room.

MikeP said...

I've read that the blue helmet picture is of a mini-helmet that was made for some gift presentation. That pic is all over the 'net.

Anyway, while Chizik is often vague, he never gets caught in an outright lie. I expect the traditional great Auburn uniforms Saturday night.

MikeP said...

More on the uniform issue:

Last year, or maybe year before last now, Sports Illustrated conducted some sort of research and Auburn's home uniform was voted either best or second best in the nation. Whatever the order, the top two were Auburn and Texas.

I don't think Chizik is the sort to mess with perfection and we've already got the best.

Anonymous said...

It's not a mini helmet. If you'd like I could email you the picture I have so that you can see for yourself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not to keep this rumor going...but did anyone notice how Coach Chizik responded to the question about our guys wearing the traditional uniform Saturday? He said yes, but was shaking his head no...I've heard you can't really control this type of nonverbal communication....so he's either trying to hide that we are wearing different uniforms or I guess he could be displaying amusement at how the question is still being asked.....

Moose said...

I've said this on here once already, I'll put it here too.

I know for a fact they have both blue pants and blue helmets at their immediate disposal. As well as some orange jerseys that were prototypes from Under Armour. They can get the Orange ones fast if they wanted them to use in a game.

I also know that Under Armour has(for lack of a better term) "pressured" Auburn into attempting a uniform mix up along the lines of the Nike Pro Combat line.

Now whether or not any of this goes down Saturday against Clemson or even in 2010 is yet to be seen. But I think its just a matter of time.

And bottom line is; its fun for the team and the fans at the game and helps recruiting in a small way. Just gives a little "cool" to the program.

And the way Chizik answered the question in the video is very suspect. Seems like he's fibbing a little. Maybe not. We shall see.

MikeP said...

Nobody that was at the Georgia game when we came out in orange jerseys wants to ever see that again.
It was a surprise for about one minute, then blah. The most common comment heard leaving the stadium: "Never again..."

I thought the Gators and Clemson both looked foolish in their one-tone uniforms when they tried them. Here's hoping Auburn has better sense.