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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Video: Defensive inconsistencies, SEC openers and a potential running back quandary

Here's a new video from pre- and post-practice interviews. It's got defensive coordinator Ted Roof, linebacker Josh Bynes, center Ryan Pugh and running backs Mario Fannin and Mike Dyer. Enjoy.

Back with a full day of press conference news tomorrow instead of the usual Tuesday, so check back.


JoeinFP said...

Before we start jumping on Coach Roof we need to remember that 5 of Auburnn's 7 TD's were drives of 2 minutes or less. Starting in the second Qt. he was mixing in second and third string guys to keep every one fresh. Unless we go back to the ball control type offence of the TT era, we cannot go back to the domanate defences of the TT era. Coach Roof and all his Coaches will improve the defence and we'll be fine.

Tar Heel Tiger said...

FP? Is that Fort Payne?

I'm not interested in going back to the dominating defenses of the TT era. I want more, like the Pat Dye-led dominating defenses of the late '80s