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Monday, September 6, 2010

Live blogging Gene Chizik press conference

It's Labor Day, but it's not a day off here at Auburn. Gene Chizik just spoke to the assembled media. Here's what he said:
  • Gene looking relaxed on Labor Day. No tie. Casual button down shirt."
  • On MSU: "You can see just an unbelievable improvement in their team."
  • MSU was a run-first team last year but had two 100-yard receivers in the opener. "Without question, they're doing that better. ... They have definitely made a concerted effort to throw the ball down the field."
  • "They look more comfortable in the offense. You can tell it's just much different. Even at the end of last year, you can see it progress."
  • Chizik said MSU's offense is still a power, counter rushing attack, despite the big numbers they've put up. "It's not your conventional two-back, I-back. It gives you a lot of problems. If you're not in the right spots in the run game, it's going to give you some fits."
  • "There are some different offenses in the conference right now that aren't your traditional offenses. They have their own wrinkle. ... It's the same with our offense."
  • COWBELLS! "We're preparing for it all. Every stadium in the SEC's got tradition for the game. We're going to get the noise. Whatever happens Thursday night, we'll be prepared for."
  • Noise is noise. "It doesn't matter. When you can't hear, you can't hear."
  • Chizik thinks the officials will be aware of what they need to do if there is a cowbell violation. "I'm not really whole bit concerned about that."
  • Cam Newton almost chose MSU last offseason. Chizik doesn't think he'll be affected by that. "That's in the past," he said.
  • Cam's areas of improvement: progressions, cadence, count.
  • Chizik thinks Cam has handled the expectations great."Nobody's got a higher expectation of him than him. He puts a high level of pressure on himself. That's just the way he is because he's such a competitor."
  • On the defense. "We've got to be much better." Thinks Auburn has a better idea of what it's up against this week. Said last week was kind of a "guessing game" with Arkansas State's new offensive coordinator.
  • There are freshmen who could pay this week. Fourteen got in the first game.
  • Ladarious Phillips (ankle) is still trying to get healthy. Doesn't know if he'll be ready this week.
  • Said Starkville is traditionally a tough place to play, plus MSU is playing at a level that Chizik said he hasn't seen in 10 years. "I think our players know that. The message is clear. I think the magnitude is huge and our players are aware of that."
  • "This would be a great win that gives you some confidence and things that you need to carry on."
  • Just said 15 freshmen going on the road playing a game. Assume the new one is WR Trovon Reed.
  • P Ryan Shoemaker did what the coaches wanted him to, despite not getting much distance. Lots of one-step punts with high hang time. "He gave us a chance to get down there and cover."
That's a wrap. I'll be back with more after player interviews.

1 comment:

Tar Heel Tiger said...

Can't believe I just got home at 1:30 this morning and already have another AU game coming up in just 3 days!

Our defense is going to have to get a whole lot better very quickly or it could be ugly Thursday night.