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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Video: On-the-job training, tiring Tiger Walks and opinions on Onterio

Here's a video from today's round of interviews with the coaches. It's got head coach Gene Chizik, defensive line coach Tracy Rocker, offensive line coach Jeff Grimes and running backs coach Curtis Luper. Enjoy.

And be sure to stop by tomorrow's live chat at 3 p.m. ET/2 p.m. CT.


Tar Heel Tiger said...



WDEwg said...

That's really cool to hear Luper get excited about the first game for these young guys. And this is coming from the architect of the top 5 recruiting class.

Also, pretty interesting in his quotes on McCalebb. You think this is to fire Fannin up, or just giving props to Onterio?

AUsome04 said...

"At 5-foot-11, 212 pounds, Bates is similar to former Auburn and Shaw High standout Antarrious Williams, an undersized but speedy linebacker who thrived for the Tigers’ 2004 defense, which was coordinated by — guess who? — current Auburn head coach Gene Chizik." - AB

Wow AB, great comparison. There must've been a really smart blogger that first offered that comparison ha, ha. I know AT appreciates it, he's back in the Columbus area. War Eagle.

Andy Bitter said...

Yeah, I have some pretty smart readers.

As for Luper, I'm sure he's just confident in all his guys. He's said good things about Fannin all offseason too.