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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Live blogging Gene Chizik's teleconference

It has concluded. Here's what Gene Chizik had to say:
  • "There were obviously a lot of things to improve on. But it was a great place to get a win. We've got a very tough game against Clemson this week. We're going to have to play very well to beat these guys."
  • What stands out about Clemson: 1) talented, 2) well-coached. "It's very evident that it's a very physical football team on both sides of the ball and very talented. I think this is going to be a great, great challenge for us. It's going to be one of those old fashioned fights."
  • On Clemson's physicality. "They're very much like what we see week-in, week-out in this league."
  • On Cam Newton. "We have some designed runs that we feel good about, but the thing you really can't account for are the runs that aren't designed. And he's gotten some mileage out of some plays that aren't there."
  • Possible problems against Clemson? Chizik mentioned QB Kyle Parker and a variety of weapons on offense. He also said the defense is fast.
  • "Any time we can play at Jordan-Hare, it's an advantage for us."
  • Auburn appeared to play slower on offense in the second half. "I think what's good with this offense is that the flexibility is there. We're just trying to win games. It doesn't matter what pace we go at." Said he'd like to out-pace people, but realizes there are other times where that's not possible. "There are times when you have to milk the clock."
  • Didn't want to take any negative plays when Auburn was backed up deep in its own territory and ran the ball with Onterio McCalebb up the middle three times.
  • "You start to figure out somebody's plan after about a quarter. ... You let the game unfold and see what their ideas are."
  • On Auburn's final long drive. "It was good to see that. Nobody wants a game to be that close, but we know in this league they're all going to be close. But us winning a game on the road in a tough environment against a good team that way, I think that matters."
  • On Lee Ziemba. "This will be a week or rehab. We'll know more as the week progresses. Right now he's sore."
  • Same for RB Mario Fannin.
  • Ziemba's injury doesn't appear to be long term. "It's going to be a one-day-at-a-time situation."
  • On having four drives stalling out in MSU territory in the second half. "Really disappointing. It might be some of the best field position we've had in succession, maybe since I've been here." Why? Penalties, execution. "We can't do the same thing this week and win."
  • Not hard to get a read on Clemson, even though they haven't been challenged much. "I think you can go back to last year and get a good idea of the identity of the team."
  • Chizik was a GA at Clemson 20 years ago. "It was a great time for me personally. There are a lot of similarities between Clemson and Auburn. We had a lot of success there. It was almost kind of the same type of brand of football they play there now."
  • On ESPN GameDay being here. "Just for our fan base and just Auburn football, I think it's great. I'm happy for our kids because they've earned it."
  • On Mike Dyer: "I think he's done exactly what we've asked him to do. He's feeling more comfortable being able to do that. I think we feel comfortable to continue to work forward in that area."
  • Newton has led the team two games in a row. "I don't prefer it to be that way at all. Our leading rusher needs to be our tailbacks."
  • On Newton's knack for falling forward. "It's hard for a 6-6 guy to fall backwards. That's where he's going."
  • WR Trovon Reed still hasn't played. Chizik wants him too this week. "We'd like that to happen."
  • On if Dyer is being close to being the starter, Chizik hesitated and chose his words very carefully: "Mike's getting better and we're getting more confident in Mike."
  • On Josh Bynes playing so many snaps. "It gets tough and you've got to force yourself (to sub for him). We've talked about that as recently as this morning."
  • On Nick Fairley. "When Nick wants to play aggressive, downhill football, he can be a force on our defense. What we've got to get Nick to do is we've got to get him to do it all the time, every play."
  • Said Fairley needs to get some more experience in this league.
  • "I think there are times when we've played well on the defensive line. We're getting some vertical penetration. It's too spotty. It's not consistent enough, but that's where they need to consistently play."
  • Freshman CB Chris Davis is the dime corner. "We told him, when the game's on the line, everyone's counting on you to get it done."
  • Not much Wildcat so far. "That plays out based on how the game plays out."
  • On Quindarius Carr's muffed punt. "He took his eye off the ball."
  • On Craig Stevens/Jonathon Mincy. "If you see them out there, ..." He didn't even finish the sentence. We've heard it before. If they're out there, they'll have done whatever they needed to. No new news here.


Tar Heel Tiger said...

Fantastic coverage, AB. Thanks!!!

SteveFC said...

Thanks for the info, Andy.

Clint Richardson said...

I've been to Clemson before, and its really scary as to how similar it is to Auburn. They have their own 'Samford Hall' building and everything. Very wierd. We went up there a couple of years ago on the Amtrak train, and we're going to the game this week, and then plan on going to the game next year, by train, in Clemson. Thatll be fun!