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Friday, August 6, 2010

Auburn ranked No. 23 in preseason coaches' poll

The USA Today coaches' poll came out today. Auburn is ranked No. 23, one of six SEC teams to make the poll. Here's the full poll (first place votes in parentheses, record are from last year):

1. Alabama (55), 14-0
2. Ohio State (4), 11-2
3. Florida, 13-1
4. Texas, 13-1
5. Boise State, 14-0
6. Virginia Tech, 10-3
7. TCU, 12-1
8. Oklahoma, 8-5
9. Nebraska, 10-4
10. Iowa, 11-2
11. Oregon, 10-3
12. Wisconsin 10-3
13. Miami (Fla.), 9-4
14. Penn State, 11-2
15. Pittsburgh, 10-3
16. LSU, 9-4
17. Georgia Tech, 11-3
18. North Carolina, 8-5
19. Arkansas, 8-5
20. Florida State, 7-6
21. Georgia, 8-5
22. Oregon State, 8-5
23. Auburn, 8-5
24t. Utah, 10-3
24t. West Virginia, 9-4


Hunter-Gatherer said...

Oklahoma, Iowa, Oregon, and LSU are all very overrated.
I think UNC will end much higher than 18.
And Auburn will, of course, finish 23 spots higher than we're at right now after winning the NC.

Jay G. Tate said...

Last year's record in parenthesis? So Alabama was 5-5?

Andy Bitter said...

Ha! I meant first-place votes in parentheses. Records are last year's.

Jay G. Tate said...

Oh. Now I have to re-write my Alabama preview story.

I liked you better when you were on GEOCITIES!!!!!!!!

The Edge said...


Where are the NCAA 11 simulations!? I need to know how Auburn will do this year since it was so close last year.

Andy Bitter said...

I didn't buy the game this year. I'm hoping some kind reader of the blog would simulate the season and let me know how the results go.

brian said...

andy,ill start monday with simulations,beginning with ark.state.game stats,and score.then do one game each day. brian

Andy Bitter said...

You can just sim the whole season and give the highlights. I don't know if we need day-by-day updates. I'm curious to see how things turn out myself.