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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Auburn releases depth chart

Here's the full thing:
QB: 2 Cameron Newton (6-6/250/Jr./College Park, Ga.)
14 Barrett Trotter (6-2/211/So./Birmingham, Ala.)

RB: 27 Mario Fannin (5-11/228/Sr./Hampton, Ga.)
23 Onterio McCalebb (5-10/171/So./Fort Meade, Ga.)
5 Michael Dyer (5-9/215/Fr./Little Rock, Ark.)

HB: 32 Eric Smith (5-10/240/Jr./Seffner, Fla.)
4 Shaun Kitchens (6-3/217/Fr./College Park, Ga.)
1 Trovon Reed (6-0/181/Fr./Thibodaux, La.)

TE/WR: 43 Philip Lutzenkirchen (6-4/258/So./Marietta, Ga.) -- OR--
18 Kodi Burns (6-2/207/Sr./Fort Smith, Ark.)
80 Emory Blake (6-1/192/So./Austin, Texas)

WR: 81 Terrell Zachery (6-1/210/Sr./Wadley, Ala.)
9 Quindarius Carr (6-1/186/Jr./Huntsville, Ala.)
3 DeAngelo Benton (6-2/201/So./Bastrop, La.)

WR: 89 Darvin Adams (6-3/185/Jr./Kennesaw, Ga.)
82 Jay Wisner (6-2/190/Sr./Bozeman, Mont.)
87 Derek Winter (6-0/208/Jr./Tampa, Fla.)

LT: 73 Lee Ziemba (6-8/319/Sr./Rogers, Ark.)
75 Brandon Mosley (6-6/299/Jr./Jefferson, Ga.)

LG: 66 Mike Berry (6-3/316/Sr./Antioch, Tenn.)
53 Bart Eddins (6-4/304/Sr./Montgomery, Ala.)

C: 50 Ryan Pugh (6-4/297/Sr./Hoover, Ala.)
63 Blake Burgess (6-2/278/RFr./Vestavia Hills, Ala.)

RG: 57 Byron Isom (6-3/291/Jr./Jonesboro, Ga.)
76 Jorrell Bostrom (6-3/322/Sr./Nampa, Idaho) --OR--
79 Jared Cooper (6-4/300/Jr./Brewton, Ala.)

RT: 77 A.J. Greene (6-5/291/Jr./Madison, Tenn.)
71 John Sullen (6-6/312/So./Auburn, Ala.)

LE: 45 Antoine Carter (6-4/256/Sr./Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)
55 Corey Lemonier (6-4/227/Fr./Hialeah, Fla.)
95 Dee Ford (6-4/240/So./Odenville, Ala.)

DT: 98 Zach Clayton (6-3/296/Sr./Opelika, Ala.)
54 Jeffrey Whitaker (6-3/308/Fr./Warner Robins, Ga.)

DT: 90 Nick Fairley (6-5/298/Jr./Mobile, Ala.)
93 Mike Blanc (6-4/297/Sr./Pompano Beach, Fla.)

RE: 49 Michael Goggans (6-3/261/Sr./Alexander City, Ala.)
94 Nosa Eguae (6-2/258/RFr./Mansfield, Texas)
13 Craig Sanders (6-4/248/Fr./Clio, Ala.)

LLB: 46 Craig Stevens (6-4/229/Sr./Tallahassee, Fla.)
21 Eltoro Freeman (5-11/225/Jr./Alexander City, Ala.) --OR--
35 Jonathan Evans (5-11/230/So./Prichard, Ala.)

MLB: 17 Josh Bynes (6-2/235/Sr./Lauderdale Lakes, Fla.)
58 Harris Gaston (6-1/231/RFr./Bessemer, Ala.) --OR--
5 Jake Holland (6-0/231/Fr./Pelham, Ala.)

RLB: 25 Daren Bates (5-11/203/So./Memphis, Tenn.)
33 Jessel Curry (6-1/214/Fr./Buford, Ga.)
38 Jawara White (6-1/243/Fr./Troy, Ala.)

LC: 14 Demond Washington (5-9/182/Sr./Tallassee, Ala.)
22 T’Sharvan Bell (6-0/180/So./Kissimmee, Fla.)

S: 4 Zac Etheridge (6-0/213/Sr./Troy, Ala.)
16 Ikeem Means (6-0/204/So./Wetumpka, Ala.)

S: 2 Aairon Savage (5-11/200/Sr./Albany, Ga.)
26 Mike McNeil (6-2/208/Jr./Mobile, Ala.)

RC: 15 Neiko Thorpe (6-2/186/Jr./Tucker, Ga.)
3 Chris Davis (5-10/182/Fr./Birmingham, Ala.) --OR--
6 Jonathon Mincy (5-10/180/Fr./Decatur, Ga.)

PK: 18 Wes Byrum (6-2/216/Sr./Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)
36 Cody Parkey (6-0/184/Fr./Jupiter, Fla.)

P: 17 Ryan Shoemaker (6-0/177/Sr./Birmingham, Ala.)
30 Steven Clark (6-5/232/Fr./Kansas City, Mo.)

DS: 61 Josh Harris (6-1/230/Jr./Carrollton, Ga.)
64 Forrest Hill (6-1/238/Fr./Morrow, Ga.)

H: 19 Neil Caudle (6-3/198/Sr./Hoover, Ala.)
15 Clint Moseley (6-3/223/RFr./Leroy, Ala.)

PR: 9 Quindarius Carr (6-1/186/Jr./Huntsville, Ala.) -- OR--
89 Darvin Adams (6-3/185/Jr./Kennesaw, Ga.) --OR--
1 Trovon Reed (6-0/181/Fr./Thibodaux, La.)

KR: 14 Demond Washington (5-9/182/Sr./Tallassee, Ala.) &
27 Mario Fannin (5-11/228/Sr./Hampton, Ga.)
23 Onterio McCalebb (5-10/171/So./Fort Meade, Ga.) &
15 Neiko Thorpe (6-2/186/Jr./Tucker, Ga.)
Some thoughts:
  • Not a lot of surprises here. The exception is Clayton at one of the starting defensive tackle spots over Blanc. He's apparently been healthy all August and Gene Chizik said he's had one of the best pre-fall camps of anybody on the roster.
  • Weird group at HB. That's because the position is so versatile and different players are in different spots on the field.
  • Carr and Wisner as the backup wide receivers is a mild surprise. Benton as a third-stringer isn't, considering his injury situation.
  • Burgess is the backup center, but Berry can still slide over in a pinch.
  • Initially listed as an "OR" situation, Chizik said Shoemaker is the starter.
  • Some young defensive linemen should get on the field. Lemonier, Whitaker and Sanders are all on the two-deep.
  • Etheridge and Savage won the starting safety jobs, although McNeil and Means should play.
  • No real decisions at punt returner, where there is a three "OR" situation.
  • There are 12 true freshman on the two-deep. Eight are on defense.


Tyson said...

I'm a little surprised because I've read so much about Philip Pierre-Louis and so little about Jay Wisner and Derek Winter. I realize there are more WRs than I can keep up with now, but I was hoping to see PPL this year. Is he still injured?

Andy Bitter said...

I think PPL is not quite all the way back from his ACL injury. Him and Stallworth, both of whom are working on the scout team this first week.

MikeP said...

My two surprises: No Goodson at WR, I'd expected him to make the two-deep.

No Kenneth Carter at DT. I thought he was right there with Whitaker, though there are few listed at DT and Carter could easily see playing time.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe we are not using Ladarius Phillips-He’s 285 pounds but can stand flat-footed and do a backflip. Redzone wishbone or triple eye and run over opponent when they least expect it....
Your Strategist-Walk on and PhD
War Eagle

Andy Bitter said...

I'd agree on Carter. I think Goodwin is a little bit banged up and that's why he's not up there quite yet.