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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Video: Scrimmage talk, Superman and up-downs

Finally got around to editing some video from last night. It's got wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor and Jeff Grimes. I'll be back with more after tonight's closed scrimmage.


WDEwg said...

Awesome video Andy. thanks for all you do.

Quick question: Is it just me, or does Trooper even have some of the mannerisms of Chizik when he is answering the questions? The head tilt with one eye squinted? Classic Chizik.

Wonder how seriously Chizik takes the whole "asst head coach" thing with Trooper.

Also- -where was Chizik last night? A rubber chicken circuit thing or he just does something else while Trooper runs things?

Andy Bitter said...

Chizik was only scheduled to talk to reporters after the first practice Tuesday.

To throw us a bone, they had Trooper do the late session.

SteveFC said...

Thanks for the substance, Andy. What you do is appreciated.