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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trotter named backup QB; Greene to start at RT

Two of Auburn's position battles came to an end today, when Gene Chizik said A.J. Greene will start at right tackle and Barrett Trotter will be the backup quarterback.

Trotter, a redshirt sophomore, beat out senior Neil Caudle and redshirt freshman Clint Moseley.

"That doesn't mean that our other quarterbacks can't take snaps and win for us but those are the decisions we kind of cleared up today," Chizik said, who did not designate a third or fourth quarterback.

Trotter, who missed last year because an ACL tear the previous spring, built off of a solid spring game, during which he threw for 154 yards and two touchdowns.

"He's been very consistent," Chizik said. "He throws a really accurate ball. Great grasp of the offense. He's been very consistent when it comes to doing the things we feel like need to be done to win if you're playing the quarterback spot. All of them have competed really, really well and really, really closely. Obviously if something happens to the starter you've got to go with the next guy and that's where we're at."

Greene, a junior, battled John Sullen and Brandon Mosley for the starting job this August. He's truly a longshot to have won the job, having played in only three games in his career. In Auburn's media guide, he's one of the few veteran players who doesn't have his own page.

Greene was recruited as a defensive lineman but made his move after moving to the offensive line two years ago. He worked at right tackle all spring.

"I don't think there's any question that he's one of the most improved on our team," Chizik said of Greene. "It just appears to me that it meant a lot to him to try to win that job and he did."

Sullen, who has dealt with an undisclosed injury lately, will continue to work at different spots along the line.

izik said that the punting competition between senior Ryan Shoemaker and freshman Steven Clark will continue for the next few days.

Chizik also weighed in on the FWAA's decision to strip Southern California of the 2004 national title but not award it to anyone else, including the undefeated Auburn team.

No. 1, we can't control what decisions are made," he said. "We certainly respect the decision of those individuals who made it. But that was a great team and a great year for us and it always will be here at Auburn. And I was blessed to be a part of that."


Tar Heel Tiger said...

I'm a Moseley fan, but I can't argue with the choice of Trotter. Actually, I'm a fan of all our QBs.

Thanks for all the news, AB. I know you really enjoy enlightening all us extremely obnoxious AU fans.

JoeinFP said...

Had Gayden and Sullen been 100% it would have been a vry interesting four man race. Personally I'm a little concerned with Greene weight at only 291 and would have preferred Sullen's 320 at a tackle spot.

On the bright side. I'm not loosing as much sleep thinking about next year after loosing four starters to graduation, haveing Greens, Sullen, Gayden, and Moseley back plus all the young talent.

MikeP said...

Hey Andy: Thanks from another obnoxious Aubie. Your site is the first place I check every day.

Maybe not enough of us click on the AJC and that's why their writer thinks we're so obnoxious.

Acid Reign said...

.....This is a great blog. War Eagle Extra is down near the bottom of my feed reader (alphabetical order and all that) but I do a LOT of scrolling to the bottom when I start up!