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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Final practice observations: WR Reed a spectator

This was our last viewing period of the year most likely. Auburn closes practices during the season, so anything else we see will have to be during games. So we made sure to note whatever we could today. Let's get to it:
  • WR Trovon Reed was a non-participant today, watching from the sideline as the team stretched. He wasn't dressed out. Not sure if this is a recurrence of the knee injury that kept him out of a few practices earlier this year.
  • Among the injured and non-participating: OT Roszell Gayden, OL Eric Mack, FB Ladarious Phillips. Phillips still had the boot on today but didn't have crutches.
  • LB Eltoro Freeman (turf toe) and WR DeAngelo Benton (hand) were both out there. Freeman's limp didn't seem as noticeable today. Benton had his right wrist heavily taped.
  • WR Antonio Goodwin was also back on the field.
  • Cam Newton and Barrett Trotter were the only two quarterbacks doing throwing drills before practice. Neil Caudle and Clint Moseley were holding for the kickers.
  • OL John Sullen was back in a blue jersey but didn't appear to be doing much again.
  • This was the second-team offensive line today, from left to right: Brandon Mosley, Jared Cooper, Mike Berry, Jorrell Bostrom and Chad Slade. Berry worked as the second-team center while Bart Eddins got some reps at left guard, but Berry, of course, will start at left guard.
  • No sign of safety Mike Slade. We forgot to ask Gene Chizik about him earlier because there was so much other news going on, but it looks like reports of his departure are true.
  • Anthony Morgan still in a blue, offensive jersey.
  • Jay Boulware was working the special teams group hard. They worked on some onside kicks like the Alabama game where the kicker tapped it and recovered it himself.
  • Boulware, as usual, also had the best outburst of the day, sensing that some guys had taken their sweet time in the trainer's room before coming out. The following sentences have been cleaned up to get a rated PG rating for the blog. "You're not going to win a championship in the trainer's room!" he yelled. "You win it between the white lines! We're a week out, guys!"


SteveFC said...

Thanks for the info, Andy.

Anonymous said...

yes. thank you.

Tar Heel Tiger said...

I'm starting to wonder if TReed is going to be able to contribute at all this year (I voted for someone else in your poll, btw). This doesn't sound good at all.

Thanks for the news that was gooder.