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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Five questions as Auburn reports for practice

The doldrums of summer are finally over as Auburn's players finally report to practice today, which means news, honest to god actual news, will be filling these pages for the foreseeable future. The Tigers report at 5 p.m. ET, so expect news later in the evening.

To kick things off, I wrote an article asking five questions — the industry standard, it seems — surrounding the team as it begins practice. They are:
  1. Is junior college transfer Cam Newton the real deal at quarterback?
  2. Is there hope that a defense that ranked 11th in the SEC last year has improved?
  3. What are the major position battles heading into fall practice?
  4. Will a pair of freshmen — RB Michael Dyer and WR Trovon Reed — have roles in the offense right away?
  5. With three experienced safeties returning from injuries, how will the secondary shape up?
Read the whole article here. And feel free to post some questions of your own in the comments section. I'm curious what people think are the biggest question marks heading into August practice.

I'd also like to take this time to promote a new section of the blog, the "Recent newspaper articles" box on the right. I'll try to keep a weeks worth of articles in the box, updated daily. That way, I won't have to do a specific post to inform you about a new article. It'll be right there in the box for your daily consumption.

I'll also promote both my Twitter page and Facebook page. Both are excellent ways to keep up with what's going on now that practice is set to begin.

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