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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scrimmage notes: The quick version

Auburn just finished its scrimmage. It was closed to the media, but here's what we learned in the post-game interviews:
  • Good day for the offense. Lots of big plays, according to head coach Gene Chizik. "We had some nice explosive plays, mostly in the passing game," he said.
  • The team mixed the quarterbacks in. Clint Moseley got a good amount of reps.
  • Chizik singled out Antonio Goodwin and Shaun Kitchens as having big days. Sounds like Goodwin had a couple of scores and a lot of yards.
  • "Corey Lemonier continues to improve," Chizik said. That name keeps coming up.
  • "The young guys showed up and that was good to see," Chizik said.
  • Turnovers weren't an issue. They did have some penalties.
  • Zac Etheridge did not scrimmage.
I'll have more in a bit.


SteveFC said...

Thanks for the info, Andy. Lemonier should be added to the poll of freshmen having an impact. From what I have read recently, he could be a star from the get go.

AUEE13 said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing more Goodwin. Kid's got speed and lots of it.

Andy Bitter said...

I wish I could change the poll to include Lemonier, Goodwin and Kitchens, especially after the last two days.

But once someone casts the first vote, I can't edit it. If the "Other" selection shoots up, we'll assume it's because of those three.

Andy Bitter said...

Problem solved. New poll is up.

WDEwg said...

I must say that your blog is sorta like Christmas morning. Every couple of hours, there are more presents under the tree. Thanks again for the hard work. Hope the family matter is nothing serious.