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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quarterback Cam Newton ready for second chance as season-opener nears

I wrote a story for today's newspaper about Cam Newton and his brother Cecil, who is a center for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here's how it starts.
AUBURN, Ala. — Butterflies upset Cam Newton’s stomach as he prepared to make his first high school start at quarterback.

It was 2003. Newton — who will make his debut as Auburn’s starter Saturday — got the starting nod as a freshman for Westlake High in its televised game against Mays that all of Atlanta would be watching.

Despite his nerves, Cam had a security blanket in his brother, Cecil Jr., the team’s senior center.

“It was just the kind of far-fetched thing you can only dream of as a parent,” their father, Cecil Sr. said. “It was unbelievable … until they botched the snap.”

The story has a special place in Newton family lore. It was first-and-goal. Cecil Jr., as he still does, snapped the ball hard. Cam, wide-eyed and inexperienced, wasn’t quite ready for it. The ball bounced away as the crowd groaned.

“We were getting looks like, ‘Man, you guys are brothers. How can you fumble the snap?’” Cam said. “‘You’re supposed to be snapping to each other while you’re asleep.’”
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BaySnake said...

If Cam has a good year look for Kiffin to offer his little brother

Tar Heel Tiger said...

Great story, AB! Thanks for unveiling it.