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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gene Chizik speaks ... briefly

We only got about five minutes with Gene Chizik before practice began today. We'll get more later. Here's what he had to say in the early version:
  • Chizik said everyone is accounted for. He said he doesn't expect anyone to miss practice in the early going for academic reasons. Players are finishing up exams this week. "Everybody's full go to my knowledge so far," he said.
  • He said they might back some practices up later to avoid some of the ridiculous August heat. "We want to practice fast and furious and hard, but we also have to be very smart with how we do it with the heat like it is," he said.
  • On Auburn possibly being awarded the 2004 national title retroactively: "Whatever they decide to do, we'll certainly be keeping up with it."
  • Auburn plans to split practices up between newcomers and veterans after the first three days. "When you start with 100 guys, sometimes those guys get lost in the shuffle," he said. "So this is our kind of way to be able to give them a better look."
  • The team will be in helmets and pads early on, so Zac Etheridge (neck) will have no limitations in the beginning. Chizik said the team will proceed with Etheridge getting accustomed to contact "judiciously."
  • Safety Mike McNeil (leg) is "full-speed ahead." I guess that means he's OK.
That's all we had time for. More in a bit after we get to watch some of practice (ie. stretching).


AUBigCat said...

Interesting comment on the 04 NC watch. I wonder what the school would do if it was given to us?

Andy Bitter said...

I think they'd be dumb not to accept it. It's not the same as getting to celebrate it at the time, but you don't just throw back national titles.