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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Video: Footage from Auburn's first practice

OK, here's some footage I took from Auburn's first practice. It's very shaky and my editing program wouldn't allow me to fade in and out of shots, so it's pretty choppy. I apologize for the inconvenience. Your blog refund is already in the mail.


AUsome04 said...

Come on tell the truth,... you did this with your cell phone right? What's lacking in video quality is defintely made up for with content. It's fall camp!

Also, like the new look of your blog, AB. It's refreshing not having to wade through a bunch of ads, pop-ups, & add-ons that some of the other blogs offer (especially on the job hee, hee).

Andy Bitter said...

It's not a cellphone camera, sadly. It's one of those first generations flip cams that's still ticking, somehow. I might try to lobby my paper to upgrade it. I think this video is proof that it needs to happen.