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Friday, December 3, 2010

Auburn goes through paces at Georgia Dome

It's T-minus 23 hours until Auburn and South Carolina square off in the SEC championship game in the Georgia Dome.

Auburn coach Gene Chizik and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier participated in a pre-game press conference Friday. Not much new was said, other than Spurrier saying that Tigers quarterback Cam Newton is good for the game.

"We're glad he's playing," Spurrier said. "He's played all year. It wouldn't have been right to not play when the championship's on the line.

"I remember Joe Paterno one time said: You want teo beat the other team when all their best players are playing. And hopefully it will be a game that no key players get hurt during the course of the game and both teams fight it out and the team that plays the best will win. So I'm glad he's playing. He deserves to play. And we haven't even thought about the other stuff."

Spurrier, as a former Heisman Trophy winner, has a vote. He was asked about it and reminded the media that the vote is private if he chooses for it to be.

"We don't have to reveal those like the coach's poll," he said. "But I think I've already said that Cam Newton will certainly get one of my votes. You get three. I'll keep secretive what order they're in, okay? It's a secret vote.

"But I think he deserves the Heisman, no question."

Chizik didn't take questions about Newton's situation, as usual, but offered this statement at the beginning of his portion of the presser: "We're glad that the NCAA was in agreement with us that Auburn University and Cameron Newton have done nothing wrong. Cameron will be our starting quarterback tomorrow, as he has the previous 12 weeks."

My camera doesn't have the greatest zoom, so these are all pretty far away, but here's some photos from the walkthrough.
Auburn is playing in this game, in case you didn't know. The logo on the field confirms it.
This was the extent of the action on the field during the walkthrough. This team stretches as well as any in America, from what I gather.
Gus Malzahn, probably diagramming plays in his head.
Trooper Taylor and safety Aairon Savage, who won't play because of his injured foot but is still in Atlanta with the team.
Gene Chizik, watching the proceedings. I was hoping he would take out a tape measure and prove that the goal posts in the Georgia Dome are just as tall as the goal posts in Jordan-Hare Stadium, a la "Hoosiers." Alas, he didn't.
This game will be in a dome, in case you didn't know.
Further proof of the above point.
A closeup of the artificial turf they'll be playing on. Those are little bits of rubber on the fake grass. I've always found this fascinating.
Team huddle, before the walkthrough portion of the day.
Chizik addresses the team. I'm sure there's some Knute Rockne-level stuff being said there.
Ted Roof, discussing where different hash marks will be in an NFL stadium.
The CBS set. Not sure where Verne Ludnquist sits.
Staring down the barrel of the TV cameras. Look at all those monitors.
The South Carolina logo must have been much tougher to paint. More intricacies than the AU.
South Carolina's side had these on the seats. Auburn's had something on the back of the seats. Not sure what, though.
This is Spurrier's vantage point during the game.
Sidelines have been defined. This is the side opposite the press box.
And on the press box side, Auburn.
Fancy video boards behind the Auburn fans section.


Our Family said...

THanks for the pictures Andy, I hear there are orange shakers on Auburn's seats. Did you see any?

Andy Bitter said...

I saw one or two. There were bags on the back of the chairs. I assume that's what is in them.

postermom said...

Great shots. I'm glad to see hard evidence of a dome. There were rumors that it was just a piece of plastic stapled over the stadium. It's possible the locker rooms may be farther away than a normal stadium, so I hope Chizik reminds the players to go to the bathroom before they leave, because once they're out, he's not turning the team around. Oh, wait, that's what my dad says. BLEHHHHHHHH!!! I'm so excited, I'm freaking out.

David said...

The coaches need to lose the leisure suit look from the 70's. Looks as if they're waiting to get in the early bird buffet line.

Andy Bitter said...

That's straight mafia, man. Christopher Moltosanti would be proud.

David said...

LOL. Yes, you're right. Just saw Tony Soprano lurking around on the 35 yard line taking bets on the game.

NYCAubie said...

Hey Andy,

When you go to NYC for the Heisman presentation, you need to spend some fun time on the lower east side. Hip guy like you will fit right in. Good live music and bar scene.

I'm sure a few of the bars can even pull you a Leinenkugel!

postermom said...

So Gary, how do you think the forecast will affect the game tomorrow? Receivers like Auburn's Darren Adams might have a hard time holding onto the ball with cold hands.