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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some pre-Heisman Cam Newton quotes

Cam Newton and the rest of the Heisman finalists had a brief sitdown with the media prior to tonight's Heisman Trophy ceremony. Here's what he had to say:

On an ESPN.com story a month ago saying he told a "recruiter" for Mississippi State that the "money was too good" at Auburn.
"I'm not about to entertain anything regarding any situation about that right now. Tonight takes along something that's very special to me, and the last thing I'd like to talk about is something like that."
What do you have to say about the quote?
"It's very inaccurate right now."
Does the scandal detract from the Heisman moment for you?
"It's something you keep in the back of your mind. But I put up my defensive mechanism due to that fact because it's something in the past. And I'm trying to live my life for the future and for the present right now."
Have you talked with other Heisman winners?
"I've gotten a lot of guidance from a lot of guys who have won this award. It's a close-knit fraternity and it's something very prestigious and it has a lot of tradition in it. Being able to call any one of these guys at any moment and knowing they're here for you. And it's just something special, knowing that you have the capability to be a part of this."
You haven't commented on individual awards much throughout the season. What do you have to say now?
"I'm not a person that likes to talk about anything individuality has to do with. To me, the greatest reward this year would be the national championship and being able to accomplish something very great with my teammates. Because let's be honest here, if I didn't have my offensive line, my defense and these skill position players helping me out, I would not be here right now."
How long did it take for autograph hounds to come after you when you got to New York?
"It didn't take no time for that to happen. But it's something that you'd like to think back and remember, being able to get off the plane or going to the airport and see people recognize you, it's something that's very special."
You know there's a Tiger Walk heading into the Best Buy Theater.
"I can't wait to embrace my fans with great joy, and knowing that the Auburn Family is here puts even more great warmth in my heart."
What's it been like always stepping up in the big moments?
"The one thing that Coach Chizik and Coach Malzahn always stress is the moment can never be too big for someone to step up and make a play. No matter if we're playing a not-so-good team or the best team on our schedule, everybody has got to be available to make the big play if your number is called. We as players try to step up to the plate and make plays."
How much have you grown this year?
"For me, being faced with a lot of things, a person would never really know what it did to my family, to my friendships with a lot of people and this team. It brought everything so close, and that's something that I really cherish with the guys that are close to me. At no point did nobody turn their back on me and look at me as something different. But it made me a stronger person. And knowing that I have some true friends, some people that I look to and ask for guidance when the time is called."
What has the support at Auburn throughout this ordeal meant to you?
"Words can't even explain how much I felt, of joy...I don't even have the words to explain how that makes you feel. I'm going out to eat and people recognize you and support you. It was somewhat of a movement. It was something very special walking around at Toomer's Corner, just feeling everybody, you don't even know people. They're coming up to you and all you know is they're part of the Auburn Family and they're willing to support their own player as if they're one of their own."

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