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Friday, December 10, 2010

Video: Cam Newton, pre-Heisman talk

New camcorder alert! New camcorder alert! It took longer to upload the file, but the quality is better than the flip cam I used to have. I don't have the editing software skills yet, so this is pretty much unedited. But here's Cam Newton's entire sitdown with the media today


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Andy ... love the a/v equipment upgrade too! fjs

Anonymous said...

Wow Cam is cool.

RW said...

AB, are a lot of those guys NYC reporters? They are asking some good questions, but seem more pushy than what we usually see during Cam's interviews.

I'm pretty impressed with how he handled himself here. We know he's not the most eloquent at times, but he fielded some tough ones (his view on pay for CFB players? yeesh) really well in my opinion.

postermom said...

The guy whose hands were in the bottom right corner of the screen for most of the interview is not only a Q-and-A hog, but also asks really stupid questions. Is he writing a sports column or an existential novel? I would have asked what he's learned about his fellow nominees that other people would be surprised to hear.