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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tight end Lutzenkirchen dances into spotlight

It wasn't an all-Cam Newton day for Auburn stories. I wrote this one about tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen as well. Here's how it starts:
AUBURN, Ala. -- The catch will be replayed for eternity in Iron Bowl circles.

Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen slipped past Alabama’s defenders, catching a wide open throwback pass from Cam Newton for a 7-yard touchdown that lifted the Tigers to a 28-27 victory last Friday.

Then came the dance. Teammates still can’t quite decide how to describe it.

“The leprechaun dance,” left tackle Lee Ziemba said.

“It looked like a Riverdance to me,” right guard Byron Isom said.

“I asked him: ‘What was that?’” offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn said. “He said he was excited. Wow. We’ll give him that one since that was such a big play. We’ll let it go that one time.”
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Anonymous said...


War Eagle AC-47 said...

I like the Riverdance comment.

But in Lutz' defense, I'm gonna say he was just trying to make sure his feet were in bounds. Yeah, that's the ticket.