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Monday, December 20, 2010

Video: Not a good but great team, the best is yet to come and more Malzahn quirkiness

Here's a video from today's pre-practice interviews. Didn't completely iron out the editing kinks. The software is brutal to use. But I'm getting closer.

This one's got head coach Gene Chizik, quarterback Cam Newton, running back Mike Dyer and tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen.


postermom said...

Wow, Chiz looks completely exhausted.

Anonymous said...

What's quirky about Gus? I think Dyer misreads that Gus wants "that marker". He wants it because it is in his hand at the moment and and something not working when he's focused is irritating. The man is focused. Saban can't be focused without being an angry absolute jerk that no one wants to be around. Gus is just focused on the job at hand.

-Ryan said...

Anyone else notice that Cam says "Well, I still have one more game to play." in response to the question about his favorite play of the season??

I know it is in the context of THIS season, and I know 99% of people are projecting him to leave (I would too after all he has been through this season and the uncertainty about the future) but that for some reason sounds like a pretty definite statement and likely seems like his decision is more or less cemented.

RJ said...

Cam and Nick might want to stay in school, because the NFL might have a lockout/strike next year.

Don't those guys watch SportsCenter?

MikeP said...

Any strike/lockout will be AFTER the draft. Also, there is a good possibility of a rookie salary cap going into effect for 2012.

Selfishly, I'd like to see Nick and Cam back for another year too. But if I were in their shoes I'd be a gone goose! Turning down millions of $ just doesn't make any sense.