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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pre-Heisman Tiger Walk

My paper gives me a brand new camcorder and what do I do? Fail to properly charge it for nice pre-Heisman Trophy ceremony moment. Fortunately my iPhone can take video. Unfortunately it's not of high quality. So enjoy this grainy video from a distance (thanks, security) of Cam Newton entering the Best Buy Theater to cheers from the Auburn faithful.


J.M. said...

Thanks a million for posting this Mr. Bitter! You rock sir!

Tar Heel Tiger said...

THat's FANTASTIC!!! Thanks, AB!

Did you say high to MrsTHT and to THT2.0? They were there.

David said...

Where were all the Duck fans?

TPBGirl said...

I got tears in my eyes and singing along with the video.
"Oh its great to be an Auburn Tigers fan!"

I dont think I have ever seen any other player with so much support whereever he goes. Just amazing! WDE from Tennessee and luv for my Tigers!

postermom said...

Ha ha! Wonder what all the non-Auburn people thought of that. The NYPD probably thought there was going to be a riot.

Tar Heel Tiger said...

say "high"???