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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Video: Some pep in their step, Letterman nerves, upping the pace and lounging in a recliner

Here's a video from tonight's interviews. This is the first video in which I've had to splice together several interviews with the new software, which I must say is needlessly complicated to use. (Seriously, Panasonic? I can't just load this on Windows Movie Maker? Just dumb.) So forgive the horrible segues between interviewees. I'll try to fix it by the time we do interviews again.

This one's got all of Auburn's big hitters: head coach Gene Chizik, quarterback Cam Newton, linebacker Josh Bynes, defensive tackle Nick Fairley and left tackle Lee Ziemba.


cap said...

Is Josh Bynes wearing something under his sweatshirt? He looks like a 400lb. bodybuilder in the video...

Andy Bitter said...

He's got ice packs on his shoulders. Makes him look huge.