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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Has Gus Malzahn spoken with Maryland about its soon-to-be-vacant head coaching job?

Auburn head coach Gene Chizik said Tuesday there are "possibilities" Maryland has spoken with offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn about its soon-to-be-vacant head coaching position.

Comcast SportsNet Washington reported Tuesday that Maryland athletics director Kevin Anderson and his search committee has met with several candidates to replace Ralph Friedgen, whose final contract year was bought out by the school last week.

The report said Malzahn, former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach and SMU head coach June Jones have met with the committee.

Chizik said no one from Maryland had contacted him about talking with Malzahn, the Tigers' second-year coordinator who reportedly turned down the Vanderbilt job earlier this month and received a substantial raise from Auburn.

But asked if anyone from Maryland had interviewed Malzahn, Chizik said there's a chance.

"To the best of my knowledge, there are possibilities of contact," Chizik said. "I have not talked to anybody personally but there is a possibility of contact. Again, without me giving any details, because I don't have any, I'll kind of say the same thing I did about academics: when I know more, I'll let you know."

Malzahn was scheduled to speak to reporters Tuesday night but did not show up.

On Dec. 20, Maryland bought out the final year of the contract of Ralph Friedgen for close to $2 million. The 10th-year coach will be on the sideline for his final game with the Terrapins tomorrow in the Military Bowl against East Carolina.

Malzahn, who strongly considered an offer from Vanderbilt two weeks ago, is set to receive a $1 million salary from Auburn next season, with a chance at $300,000 in incentives.

Vanderbilt ended up hiring James Franklin, who was Maryland's offensive coordinator and designated coach-in-waiting behind Friedgen.

UPDATE: Jones did meet with Maryland, his agent confirms, but he has withdrawn his name from consideration.


Johnny Smith said...

I hope it isn't true, but I will readily admit that the Maryland job would be a much better opportunity for Coach Malzahn than the Vanderbilt job, even if for less money.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is Maryland wants Leach, but it is a better job than Vandy imo.

Doc said...

It would be wise if the NCAA could adopt rules whereby no coach or assistant coach whose school is involved with a national championship can interview or be contacted by any college concerning a head coaching position at another school UNTIL AFTER THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IS PLAYED !!


Clint Richardson said...

Does the fact that Malzahn signed a contract extension mean nothing here?

If someone wants CGM they would have to pay a lot of money to 1. buy out his new contract and 2. get CGM. Not a smart business move, especially after they just bought out one coach.

MikeP said...

There is not normally a buyout clause for assistant coaches. Slavery went out after the Civil War, so if somebody wants to change jobs they are entitled to do so.

I don't think Coach Gus wants to leave for a head coaching job this year. No inside info, but just the feeling I get by listening to him talk on the subject.

RW said...

I imagine that the Maryland brass would love to stick it to Vandy for hiring away their coach in waiting by getting the coach they wanted in the first place.

War Eagle AC-47 said...

I think Gus and his family are happy about where they are right now. Interviewing at other schools now is good experience, a learning experience, that will definitely come in handy down the road when he actually is ready to take a head coaching job.

He gets a feeling of his worth to other schools, and gets a feel for the interview/negotiation process. I expect him to be with Auburn next season. But as more positions open up, I also expect him to keep his eyes open and his mind ready to explore options.

Right now he is focused on the national championship game. I expect him to stay with the team until that game is complete. That's the mission. I appreciate that loyalty.

Andy Bitter said...

A few things:

1) If Maryland is so in love with Leach, why haven't they finalized a deal? It's not like he's preoccupied with another job right now.

2) You can't restrict when coaches interview for other jobs. It's simply not possible or reasonable. These are too good of opportunities for coaches to simply pass up or wait on.

3) Contracts mean nothing. First of all, I believe his recent extension has only been agreed to. I don't think he's signed anything. Even if he did, people break contracts in football all the time. And coordinators probably have minimal or non-existent buyouts anyway.

4) Maryland was glad Vandy took its coach in waiting. That deal was brokered by a previous AD. If Franklin didn't get the job next year, I believe, he was owed $1 million. So I'm sure the Terps have no problem watching him leave.

And 5) This is a much better job than Vandy, so I think he'd be wise to consider it. D.C. has a good recruiting base and Maryland can succeed in the ACC pretty easily. I think Malzahn has to give this one some serious thought.

tptoomers said...

Not to join Bitter's bandwagon here, but Maryland is the kind of middle of the pack job where even a small amount of success woudl make you attractive to a big time program. Also, I think his spread would be a better fit at Maryland than at Vandy.