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Monday, December 13, 2010

Video: A preview of Cam Newton doing tonight's Top Ten list on Letterman

Cam Newton will do David Letterman's Top Ten list tonight. The subject? "Top Ten Things Cameron Newton Can Say Now That He Won the Heisman."

Plus, you get to see the tuxedo Newton will wear to the Heisman Trophy banquet later tonight.

Here's a sample clip up on CBS's website


David said...

Will definitely have to watch and Cam looks very much at ease in delivering his lines.

Must say, though, I have a mental picture of Verne Lindquist in the shower using a loofah on Cam and it's not pleasant.

Nancy said...

This guy is a real rock star no matter what ESPN and their co-conspirators have tried to do to him. A good looking guy and made for TV. Don't think we will see him back next season.

RW said...

AB,is there any way to watch the banquet tonight?

Andy Bitter said...

Not that I know of.