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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cam Newton to ESPN: 'I did no wrong'

Cam Newton granted an interview with ESPN's Chris Fowler in Orlando, Fla., on Thursday, during which he spoke about the allegations about his recruitment. Apparently these are the perks of working for the Worldwide Leader.

During the interview, Newton said flatly, "I'm a person that did no wrong."

He said of his father, Cecil, that "at the end of the day I can look him in the eye and know he has my best interests at heart."

Asked if he thought his father did anything wrong during the recruiting process, Newton said, "It's not for me to say but I know if I pick up the phone Cecil will be there. My love for him is unconditional. This type of situation can split a family but it makes us stronger."

I caught part of the interview on TV. Am looking for the full thing somewhere. Here's what he had to say:

(Have you had conversations with your dad about his role?)
"Umm, honestly, we haven't. That's not something I'm trying to get clarity of, because I really don't care. At the end of the day, I can look him in his eye and he can look me in my eye, and I know that he has my best interest."
(Did you have any conversations with Mississippi State about the Auburn decision?)
"I had no deals with nobody at Mississippi State during the time that I came to Auburn. It was between Mississippi State and Auburn. And if you've been following this, that's no secret. But I feel as a whole, Auburn possessed what's best for Cam Newton. And that's why I decided to come here. On my decision."
(So the reports that you had conversations with MSU about Auburn are untrue)
"I'm not here to talk about any report. I called coach (Dan) Mullen. I told him what I had in my heart at the time. I talked to him and his wife, Miss Megan, and we had an excellent conversation. I wished them the best and they wished me the best. The conversation was rather emotional and was hard for me to do it. And I know it was probably hard for them to receive it. But I wouldn't have been able to go to sleep at night without me calling coach Mullen, man-to-man. Not hiding behind anything and being able to say I called him for the respect that I have for him."
(Anything in that conversations misunderstood or taken out of context?)
"Through my eyes, I feel like nothing was misunderstood. I was clear with everything I said during that conversation."
(How have you avoided distractions?)
"This goes back to that supporting cast, being able to have somebody I can talk to, being able to vent with a person, family member, coach or a teammate. That's been very key to my peace as a whole. Because without that it's a wonder where I'd be right now."
(On being ineligible, then eligible in a 24-hour period)
"It was crazy for me. But at the same time, I prayed about it and asked god for guidance during this time. Just bring me peace and that's what he gave me."
(You were very trusting of your dad throughout the process. Why?)
"I'm not sure. But that is my father. At the end of the day, whatever has been done, whatever has been said, that is my father. And I love him unconditionally. During this recruiting process, he pointed out key things that I really didn't see until he said it. The proximity from home. I was in a place in junior college where I couldn't see my family for a long time. I didn't think about it at the time because I was young at the time. And also, he pointed out the great coaching staff. He pointed out the senior leadership. He pointed out so many things. The fan support. There's a lot of things that we talked about, but he was bringing up a lot of decisions and a lot of situations. But at the end of the day, I was still the one making the decision."


tptoomers said...

Sorry you didnt get the exclusive, but that some pretty good question answerin' right there, says the guy in the orange and blue glasses.

War Eagle AC-47 said...

He had the personal integrity to call the Mullens and tell them he was not coming to MSU but had chosen Auburn instead. Now it looks like his loyalty and friendship to someone was mispalced because details of a heartfelt and personal phone call were possibly taken out of context and made public.

Hopefully Cam has learned from this experience. The old adage, if you want love and friendship, get a dog. But not a bird, 'cause sometimes they talk.

Anonymous said...

One correction: I'm pretty sure Cam is referring to the one true God, so that should be a capital G.

spratman said...

Thank you Anonymous as I was about to point out the same thing!